Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wishlist - The Perfect Boots

I have looked for the perfect black flat heel dress boots most of my adult life.  It's even harder when you're short and petite like me, since most candidates I have found are clearly intended for Amazonian women over 6 feet: they are always too tall and make me look like I should have a fly fishing rod in hand.  

My search is over.  During an especially rainy winter in San Francisco I realized I spent so much time in rain boots that I decided I wanted nice rain boots. It occurred to me that I've always liked riding boots, so after some searching online, found a website called Equestrian Collections that sells all manner of horse riding wear.  While browsing for rain boots, I found these. These are fantastic for short folks like me since the shaft is 2 inches shorter than most other dress boots, not to mention a design that is pure and simple, with no gratuitous buckles, frills, or frippery.  The other great thing about these boots? They come in wide calf widths, which is great for me since I have well-developed (ahem) calves from years of running. I suppose heredity has something to do with that too but that's probably a separate post....

Ovation Finalist Royale Dress Boot, $145.00 at

And they have great rain boots as well. I purchased a pair on the site two years ago and they are fantastic.  The same style is no longer available, but this style:

is just lovely.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wishlist - Eugenia Kim Leopard Beret

I usually hate animal prints.  No matter how much an animal print item costs they always look tacky to me--like Tammy Faye Baker tacky.  But this hat is different.  Maybe it's the mod/60s shape, maybe the subdued animal print on a camel background.  This would be great with a brown corduroy jacket or camel coat!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Favorite Things - Prada Logo Frame Bag

I first saw this bag in a Vogue editorial and just had to have it.  In the article they used the smaller camel version, which I never did see in stores.  My personal shopper, Brian Callahan (who has since retired--sniff sniff) at the Prada store in San Francisco, put me on the waitlist for the camel large bag.  After a month or so he called to tell me they had received a black bag, and would I be interested in seeing it? Would I?!? I beelined it to the store the first chance I had, and I had to get the black bag. It's a classic shape, but the larger scale of the bag (approx. 11 inches tall by 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep at the bottom) and the oversized logo make it really special.  And what is the dangling thing covering the logo?  It is a fob in matching leather enclosing keys to the clasp. And yes, the lock really does work. On top of all that, the bag is lined in red leather! Runway bags typically have a lining that is more special than the logo jacquard that is used on the regular line of bags. This bag even has a small envelope-closure side pocket, and two gusseted pockets on the opposite side--perfect for my phone. And of course, feet. I am a stickler for feet on bags to protect the bottoms. After a grey version of this bag appeared in the opening scenes of The Devil Wears Prada on the arms of Meryl Streep as she exits her car, everyone wanted one.  I can certainly see why.

Design - New Fiats are here!

Just saw a commercial for the new Fiat 500.  These are the cutest cars to come to the US since the Mini!

Photo: Yahoo! Autos

Fiats are very popular in Europe and for whatever reason were not so popular in the US--probably because the entire country has been in love with minivans first then giant SUVs.

When my husband and I were in Europe over the holidays in 2009, we saw these cute little cars everywhere.  I love the convertible version too--makes you want to take a drive through backroads of Napa...